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mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

What are we doing?

 Everyone on Earth should see this...

Those animals are suffering a slow and agonizing death
What we can do to prevent this horrible things to happen?

 I feel sad... so sad, when I see how this world is going because of humankind...
  • We are torturing and extinguish the animals
  • We are drying up the earth resources such as petrol
  • We are destroying the forests and with them our oxigen
  • We are polluting the air, land, seas, lakes, rivers, mountains ... everything.
  • We are altering the climate balance
  • We are destroying nature
  • We are the cause of the ozone hole
  • We are killing slowly our wonderful world... our home... our heaven
  • ...directly and indirectly
...and with it all the life in it, including ourselves.

Why, despite the evidences of this tragic situation, most of the humankind seems to not care about it.

I wonder how long yet this planet can last, if we all do not do anything to save it.

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