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Free resources to learn english

A list of all the best free resources and websites to learn english and having fun at the same time.

Since i am studing english i thought it would have been a good idea to make a list of all the best and free resources i found so far. Those are all high quality stuff, otherwise i would not have used them to study. Hope this list can be helpful for whom is learning this beautiful language. =)
Each link is provided with a brief decription and some personal opinions and tips. ;)

The BBC UK website provides hundreds of podcasts to listen and download.
Also, you can listen to all the UK Radio stations broadcasted live!

BBC Podcasts
Searching for podcasts is easy and each of them is provided with a brief description.
Is suggest you to download them and listen on your mobile music player device.
Also, i strongly recommend you to listen to, as many as possible, The english we speak podcast series where you will learn useful phrases and slang for everyday speaking.

BBC Radio
I recommend you to listen to Radio 4 or Radio 4 Extra where they talk a lot!

British Council
The British Council is, in my opinion, one of the best place to learn english and where to find many useful information and tips, for example about IELTS.

 Elementary Podcasts for beginners
If you are a beginner english student, those elementary podcasts are the best choise to start learning english. Do not understimate those podcasts, they are the pillars to build your listening skills and pronunciation. ;)

 An extremely useful and friendly website to learn anything you need about english by watching video lessons.

 Video Lessons
It provides more than 500 lessons, quizes and tips made by english teachers.
New lessons are regularly updated. The teachers are Canadians mainly from Toronto.
It is not necessary to register to watch the lessons.
This site also provides several information and tips, such as IELTS or TOEFL exams.
I strongly recommend you to take those lessons. =)

Note: Everything listed here is free. For the terms of use visit the related website.

More free resources and websites to come soon. =)

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