The music i feel inside

sabato 17 agosto 2013

Plucked like a chicken

 Two coach were needed to reach the airport of Ciampino.

The fly was supposed to be at about 9:30 o'clock. I arrived there early for the depart of the flight, and because of that the check-in were closed. Also, since that was the first time for me, i unknowingly ignored the fact that i should have left my bag there before passing the control point to get inside the airport terminal.
So i held my bag of 14kg with me, thinking that i could have let it later.

Inside the terminal were shops and Fastfood where you could sit and eat.
While waiting, my friend, whom gave me a ride to the train station, called me asking if i had already left my bag at the check-in. My answer was that i was waiting for them to open. But i was unaware of the fact that those were not the check-in but the gate to embark on the plane!

martedì 13 agosto 2013

How all began

About in April 2012, i was searching for a job at abroad and then i finally found a contact, in the nearby of Loch Ness, provided by an extremely friendly italian woman who lives there in Scotland and which later kindly helped me, through the whole trip.

I had many other reasons to make the choise of departing for Scotland.
PS: i will not mention about all the coincidences, unless someone requests it.

All the preparatives were made and, in less than two weeks, i was ready. I bought a Ryanair ticket from the main site and fortunally i found an affordable price by booking two weeks in advance, if i am not wrong it was 10,99 Euro plus 15,00 for the 15kg baggage in the cargo hold.

The day of the departure was getting close and i printed the ticket on an A4 page as in the instructions.

And day after day the first of may came and i was the most happy person in this world. A friend of mine took me at the train station to reach the airport.
From there my journey started. =)

domenica 11 agosto 2013


  •  Early days of 2012

After many years of being tired of non living happy and free as i wished to, i started thinking about what to do for my life and then i asked to myself questions and gave them answers.

From that time i began to pursuit my personal liberation through the developing of mind and body.
I gradually changed any aspect i did not liked about myself, and now, although i know that i still have not totally reached my goal, i am proud of who i am and no one can hurt me anymore.

After i took this decision some coincidences began to happen to me...

PS: i cannot promise you that i will talk about of all the coincidences.