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martedì 13 agosto 2013

How all began

About in April 2012, i was searching for a job at abroad and then i finally found a contact, in the nearby of Loch Ness, provided by an extremely friendly italian woman who lives there in Scotland and which later kindly helped me, through the whole trip.

I had many other reasons to make the choise of departing for Scotland.
PS: i will not mention about all the coincidences, unless someone requests it.

All the preparatives were made and, in less than two weeks, i was ready. I bought a Ryanair ticket from the main site and fortunally i found an affordable price by booking two weeks in advance, if i am not wrong it was 10,99 Euro plus 15,00 for the 15kg baggage in the cargo hold.

The day of the departure was getting close and i printed the ticket on an A4 page as in the instructions.

And day after day the first of may came and i was the most happy person in this world. A friend of mine took me at the train station to reach the airport.
From there my journey started. =)

The train took a couple of hours to reach the destination and during the trip i was lucky enough to meet an old married couple from America that was visiting Italy and sitting just in front of me! I took a breath and started for the first time talking with a native foreign speaker.
It was exciting but also a little difficult for me at that time.
But they had been so kind and we had a nice conversation.
They were from Seattle in the state of Washington U.S.A. and they both were english teachers! I was the luckiest man in the whole world xD ahah
The two hours conversation helped me to gain more confidence with the language.
They told me about their trips across all the U.S. with their Camper.
When the train arrived in Rome, we kindly greeted each other and so they continued their trip as tourists around Italy.

Although i live in a small town, i am a veteran of trains and crowded stations.
I traveled many times around Italy especially with trains. So i agilely found the coach to reach the airport.

To be continued...

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  1. ...I'm waiting for the continue of your story!! It seems interesting!!
    A question for you, just because I'm curious and you wanted people to ask you: why did you choose Scotland?!!
    See you!

    (p.s.: I couldn't leave my comment using Wordpress, I don't know why, it keeps giving an error)

    1. Wow! many thanks! i hope to not disappoint you Laura. =)
      i am not good at telling stories as you are. x)
      oh damn me now i have to answer your question xD
      ok but i will explain this point in an upcoming post.
      (i am to tired now xD ahah)

      I am sorry about that, i honestly do not know what is the problem, i have to investigate since this is my first blog and i am still trying to figure out how some things work.

      ps: ovviamente puoi scrivere italiano se preferisci, =)
      io scrivo il blog in inglese per fare pratica.


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