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sabato 17 agosto 2013

Plucked like a chicken

 Two coach were needed to reach the airport of Ciampino.

The fly was supposed to be at about 9:30 o'clock. I arrived there early for the depart of the flight, and because of that the check-in were closed. Also, since that was the first time for me, i unknowingly ignored the fact that i should have left my bag there before passing the control point to get inside the airport terminal.
So i held my bag of 14kg with me, thinking that i could have let it later.

Inside the terminal were shops and Fastfood where you could sit and eat.
While waiting, my friend, whom gave me a ride to the train station, called me asking if i had already left my bag at the check-in. My answer was that i was waiting for them to open. But i was unaware of the fact that those were not the check-in but the gate to embark on the plane!

The time passed and the gates opened quite late, and the people waiting around queued up.
Both Italian and english people were in the queue. Some were tourists, coming back or starting their trip, other were on a study trip such as teenagers, and some other on a job trip, such as me.

When finally my turn arrived, my bag was a little too big to fit within the cage to measure the weight limit so they started to check inside the bag and after some discussion between us, while people looked amazed at me like if i was a terrorist whom hiding a bomb in the bag but i was just an innocent victim, they told me that the only solution was to go outside the terminal, find the info point and pay a fine of 50 Euro for the overweight of my bag.
Since there was no other way, and i wanted to depart at any cost, i payed that price and then came back at the gate.

There was no one else left there except a couple of workers whom indicated me the way to head for the airplane. So i went out and it was night, lights were lit up on the landing line in the distance, and an empty bus took me to the airplane standing on a parking area of the airport.
Before climbing the stairs to get in, a worker picked my bag and put it inside somewhere the cargo hold.
So I climbed the stairs and entered inside the airplane.

To be continued...

PS: Be aware when flying with Ryanair, or your money also will fly away but not with you.
PPS: Criticism about my english are appreciated

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  1. I have seen that scene many times in the airports! Unluckily if you're not an "expert" traveller, you won't find many information in the airport about what you're supposed to do!! I use Ryanair a lot, because it's really cheap, but never make a mistake...because you'll pay for that! ...I'm waiting for the continue of the story!

    1. indeed it was my first time. =)
      Grazie per passare a leggere =D scriverò senz'altro tutto il resto.

  2. This blog is very interesting and I like the stories.
    I understand very well the love of Scotland, I have been there years ago as a tourist and I promised myself to come back. I would love to be able to work there, but that's another story!
    I'm curious and I will continue to read your blog. By the way what is your job in Scotland?

    1. Hi Monica!!
      Thank you for the kind comment =) it is much appreciated.
      I am glad to hear that you too love Scotland =)

      If you wish to come back there and maybe find a job, i strongly suggest you to listen to BBC Radio Scotland in order to test and improve your listening skills since they speak a Scottish English which at first impact is a wee bit harder to understand compared with any british accents.
      It takes some time to feel confident and, none the less, there are some lexical slangs which are rarely used in Standard English.
      Here you can have an idea:
      The Glaswegian accent, which as you can guess is spoken in Glasgow, is the most tricky, but not impossible.
      If you love Scotland you will also love their accent!

      Anyway thank you again for your interest.
      At moment i am in Italy so i am not working in Scotland.
      If you have any question feel free to ask, i will try to answer it. =)


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