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mercoledì 4 settembre 2013

First flight

1 May 2012

Once inside the airplane an hostess told me something that I did not understood, but while speaking she also indicated me, with arm gestures, something like "take a seat somewhere overthere" so I walked past the middle of the plane until i found  a comfortable place where to sit just next to the window as i wished to, with a lot of space for the legs. =)
The plane was quite empty, about 70% of the seats were empty.
From outside the window i could see the wing with the huge engine attached to it, just next my seat.
The hostesses showed the emergency routine and other general information.
There was also a short italian explanation.
The important thing was to hook the safety belt and turn off cellphones.

After some time of preparation the plane started to taxi slowly in order to reach the landing line for take off.
When it took position, it started to take speed and after a run has taken off!
I was flying for the first time! =D
The plane was lifting fast and soon it was possible to admire all the city lights in the night.
Inside the airplane it seemed like a normal train on railways but watching out the window I was in the clouds! =D

After a short time, we flied inside some huge dark rainy clouds, and, in the middle of the night, the only thing i could have seen was the powerful light flashing on the wing while it reflected on a misty and cloudy sky.

Not so much later, all the clouds disappeared as we flied upon them.
The flight was relaxed and it was a beautiful sensation for me. Since I was a child, I always wondered how it could have been to fly in an airplane, so that was a special moment for me!

Sometimes i spotted some city lights and some coast but was quite hard to say what was water and what was earth. We were flying pretty high judging from the city lights.

After about an half and a hour, if i am not wrong, we started to lose speed and altitude since we were arrived at the Prestwick airport in South Ayrshire, about fifty km from Glasgow city centre.
The landing was slow but, even if i was trying to figure out when we would have landed, the moment we touched the ground was unaspected but not abrupt at all, quite soft i would say, just some little vibration.
Not so many cheers but someone was italian and so a little of claps were heard xD ahah

After the plane slowed down and parked whe started to get out, it was impossible to see anything from the window since it was late night, infact we arrived about after midnight!

I was in Scotland! =D

To be continued... brrrrrrr!

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